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I was born and raised in a family of farmers with long experience in vine growing in the Piave area where the Piave Raboso variety has been grown for over 500 years, at short distance from the renowned Conegliano œnological school: these factors have marked my life. I started to grow vines and make wine following my father’s example, but in 1986 I felt I needed to move away from that track and had to face a new challenge. Our family business had to grow bigger, and I wanted Raboso, a wine that is a landmark in our region, to be known and appreciated outside the boundaries of its area of origin. Such important legacy must be protected and handed over undamaged to future generations, and such awareness urges me to respect the soil, water and plants of this land through the careful use of pruning techniques and low-input treatments.

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“Safeguarding a heritage to be entrusted whole and stainless to the future generations.”





The plain land of the Treviso province is crossed by the river Piave, which brings along the memories of many furious battles fought along its banks near the end of World War I.

The current of the river is sometimes very strong in autumn, and the plain has been repeatedly flooded with devastating effects. The proud people who have been living along the Piave banks for hundreds of years have somehow picked up the nature of the river pebbles: hard and rounded.

The extraordinary character of this river permeates the whole area as it winds its way through it, and some villages bear its mark on their names: Tezze di Piave, Mareno di Piave, Santa Lucia di Piave.
Moreover, the only native red grape variety of the Treviso province bears its name, too: Raboso Piave, grown in the Piave Appellation of Origin created in 1971.

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Strongly bonded to our territory and vines that best represent it, we believe it is essential to measure and understand the environment impact generated by our production activity. The purpose is to reduce the wrong behaviour and create new ones that are more ethical and sustainable to guarantee solutions to the future generations that respect the environment and its resources.


Basen on this objective, in 2017 we obtained, for all three of our headquarters, two sustainability certifications: S.Q.N.P.I. and V.I.V.A. the sustainability of viticulture in Italy to empower our choices.

Since 2020 all the energy that we use in our various production processes, and that we are unable to cover with our photovoltaic system, come exclusively from renewable sources thanks to the provider Dolomiti Energia. At the same time, that same year we set ourselves a new goal: to become nature positive by 2040 by managing the woods by joining national and international reforestation initiatives. The project not only is suitable for capturing our CO2 emissions, but also aims to be an opportunity to promote biodiversity and the involvement of the local community in initiatives aimed at protecting and improving the territory.

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Raboso del Piave

Raboso del Piave and its ruby hues, at times 'surly', are the incipit to a tale of rediscovery of the riches of a land to be handed down to future generations with awareness and respect. Today, we interpret this indigenous red grape variety following a more modern style, which is now made in four versions: the 'traditional' Raboso del Piave with its ruby-red colour and violet hues, the innovative Gelsaia made by drying part of the grapes, forerunner of the Piave Malanotte DOCG, Rosa Bruna Classic Method Rosé and the Raboso Passito.

  • Gelsaia

    Piave Malanotte DOCG

    This Raboso Piave is the forerunner of the Piave Malanotte, the first red DOCG wine in the Treviso province, obtained since 1997 from partially dried grapes. Its name comes from that of the mulberry (gelso), a tree that was used at the beginning of the last century in the Treviso province as a support for vines. Deep ruby red in colour, it features stratified aromas of wild cherries, plums and dried dates, figs and sultana.


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  • Raboso del Piave

    DOC Piave

    It is one of the most typical grape varieties of Piave DOC. It shows its character alread in the vineyard, with its very long growing cycle it is the first variety to sprout, and one of the last to be harvested. Strong and fiery, it require a long time to give the best of itself, with a full and pleasant bouquet that reminds of morello cherry, blackberry and violet. Dry and austere in the mouth, with a tannic and acid note pleasantly smoothed by its alcoholic strength.


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    IGT Veneto

    This Raboso Piave is the result of the passionate search of the potential of this grape variety, stillpartially unexpressed. Grape drying emphasizes the strengths and weaknesses of each vintage, and so thanks to our knowledge and experience we have assembled at least four in decreasing percentages and different quality levels. Aromas of morello cherry in alcohol, dried dates, figs and sultana. Luscious and savoury in the mouth, with powerful tannins well balanced by the alcohol content.


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  • Rosa Bruna

    Rosato di Raboso Spumante Brut Metodo Classico

    This Classical method rosé Raboso is an original interpretation of Raboso Piave born in 2008 toenhance the acidity of the grape. A wine dedicated to Bruna, Giorgio’s mother, present since the first day in the winery. Copper pink with orange shades and fine perlage. Fresh fruity notes of pomegranate, orange and grapefruit enriched by mineral tinges and hints of cherry jam. Fresh, flavoursome and creamy taste.


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A long tradition unites the Cecchetto family in the cultivation of vines and the sustainable production of wine in Veneto, in the Treviso plains shaped by the Piave River. Choose which experience to get to know and get in touch with the culture and tradition of the area:


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