The Confraternity of Raboso Piave

The Confraternity of Raboso Piave, of which Giorgio Cecchetto is one of the founder members, was set up on 27 December 1996 with headquarters in the municipality of Vazzola (Treviso), which is also a Wine City. This important organization aims principally to promote knowledge, valorisation and dissemination of Raboso Piave wine, thereby preserving, developing and enhancing the best traditions linked to this noble wine, and foster all initiatives whose objectives are to improve and broaden its members’ wine and food culture and knowledge. Backed by the Province of Treviso and other institutions in the territory, it undertakes to develop studies for divulging knowledge and valorising the Raboso Piave variety and the wine from its grapes.



Tenor: Renato Zuin

Your perfume inebriates my heart
Your colour is a sweet vision
When I taste you oh Raboso del Piave
I feel a rapture strongly overtake me

Ref. Pure, genuine, crystalline are you
And you bring back memories of the good old days.
Oh regal red, of imperial ruby
That we all love.

Oh my land, oh bitter-sweet river
You have given us Raboso del Piave
Perfume of history, our tradition
Pride and passion, I feel the strength of a lion.

Ref. Pure, genuine…

“Oh Raboso del Piave”.

Music: Claudio Serena
Lyrics: R. Zuin – C. Serena

Anthem to Raboso Piave