Raboso Piave

… In this area we produce mostly red wines for the people in Venice from a grape variety that someone calls “Recandina”; but others define it “Rabosa”*, because of its strong nature…

Jacopo Agostinetti, “A Hundred and Ten Useful Memories to Train Good Farmers”, 1679
* In Italian “Rabosa” sounds like “rabbiosa”, that is angry, furious

Tough and sturdy people are often referred to as members of the Piave Race and the character of Raboso wine mirrors that of the area and of the people who live in it.
This authochtonous red berry grape variety of the Marca Trevigiana* has been grown since 1500 and its grapes are used to make the renowned Raboso, an intense ruby red wine endowed with a full, ample and pleasant bouquet that reminds of morello.
* “Marca Trevigiana” is often used to mean the area of the Treviso province.

In his “Memories” J. Agostinetti talks of a cluster characterized by small and loose berries. However, until a couple of years ago only two kinds of Raboso vines were used, which had big and compact clusters. In 2002 the first 5,000 vines coming from new clone selections of Raboso Piave were planted in our vineyards: VCR19, VCR20 and VCR43. They are the challenge we started together with Rauscedo Cooperative Nursery in the early Eighties in order to make the most of this remarkable grape variety.


Raboso del Piave…looks to the future
Indigenous wine aged in local wood